Who the Heck is this Weird Girl?!?

I’m so glad you decided to come along with me on my journey of navigating my way through the Digital Age! As you may have already seen my name is Jackie Ludwick and I attend the University of Mary Washington. Thinking about how I wanted to introduce myself to you on these different platforms was a bit challenging because I am not the most creative and like to have specific guidelines to follow. I like to think I am funny (when in reality I am not) so I decided to introduce myself first with a tweet just saying hi!

Normally I would introduce to you where I work and my favorite places I like to go to that are around me. Since we are dealing and battling with COVID and Northern Virginia is still in a stay-at-home-order I tried to think about what was important/what I can still do that I like in my life right now that I could share with you. There were a few things that I thought were important for you to know about who Jackie is and what I like. Those things included being outdoors, being active, and my love for smoothies.


This is one of the photos I included on my Flickr. My younger sister is one of my best friends and she loves sunset pictures. I can not count the number of times we have been driving and we pull over to the side of the road just for her to take a picture of the sky. All of the photos in my Introduction Album are photos that I stopped what I was doing i.e. walking, driving, hiking, and took a picture and sent to her because I thought she would like them. I am not the best photographer but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve so make sure you check out all of the photos if you haven’t already.

Here’s the link: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNiyVa4

Another thing that I love to do and is more of a lifestyle than a hobby for me is working out. Senior year of high school I took a personal fitness class and was 1 of 5 girls in a class with 20 boys. I learned different exercises and how to properly lift and ever since then I have always liked to workout, lift, and continue to improve my health. I created a Youtube video where I did a quick “vlog” after my friend and I finished our workout.

(Check it out below)

People who know me always ask how I can workout every day and the truth is all it takes is motivation. My motivation comes from thinking about the bomb smoothie I can have after my workout LOL! During this time with gyms being all closed my friend and I workout outdoors in the morning and from the moment I wake up to the first brutal burpee…

to the savage squat…

or the last hell high-knee…

…all I am thinking about is food and the smoothie I will be having after! That’s why I decided to share as another part of my introduction my favorite smoothie I like to have after a workout!

With all of this in mind, I decided what better way to reiterate what I like/what I do other than to share a rap I made (with a little help from my sister) to describe what I do in a day in the life of quarantined Jackie.

Credit to: “The Aoide” for the beats behind my bars

I hope that the introductions I made on the various platforms helped you learn a little bit about me and if not go check out my “All About Me!” page where I share some more information about you guessed it…non-other than me!!!

P.S. Stay tuned because tomorrow (Wednesday, March 20th) I will have another blog post with a summary of all that I have done in Week 1 so far. (Located under “Weekly Summary”). I’ll be talking a bit more about the introductions I made that you just saw, how I created this awesome site, along with the tribulations I endured and triumphs I experienced when creating this website. As well as, how I started to communicate across platforms learning more about other people in #ds106.

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