Summer Midweek 1 Summary

Today is Wednesday, March 20th, which means this marks the middle of Week 1 in Digital Storytelling. Within the 3-4 days, I have been working on many things. I came into this course not knowing what to expect and that first email that was sent out as a “Fair Warning” definitely gave me some doubt about whether or not this class would be for me. I am not ashamed to admit that I am not very tech-savvy or super creative but I am always up for a challenge and like to push myself, so I decided to gear up for the journey, hence how the title of my blog came to be. Already, I have learned so many new things and am communicating in ways that I previously have not done.

Some of the big things I have done this week are:

  • Created and customized my own Blog using WordPress

  • Made Introductions on the various media platforms
  • Explored, liked and commented on other people’s post/introductions (click on any of the links to see some of the comments I have made when communicating with other people)




  • Did 2 Daily Creates:

  • Was inspired by someone’s else work and tried to recreate my own

I think I was able to complete the assignments assigned this week well. As mentioned in my post about setting up my blog, I had trouble figuring out how to create the different categories and menus because WordPress was a new tool to me that I had no experience with. I am not the fastest at learning new technology so it took some time to figure out (and is still taking time) to fully understand where to go in WordPress to complete an action I want without getting lost.

Setting up my domain and social media has been fun but with a dash of anxiety mixed in because I did not have social media like Twitter for a reason. Trying to create an identity online at times has been challenging because I want to be able to convey who I am but am afraid that things I post may come off in a weird or wrong way to other people.

The thing I have enjoyed the most is probably just the excitement/anticipation I get when doing these assignments. Every day I am talking to my sister or my friends about what I am doing as well as what other people have done. The thing I am most proud of is when I figured out how to get the menu bar at the top of my website to have subcategories. It took me a few hours to figure it out and once it was complete I felt super accomplished. Even though I’d assume WordPress is more basic compared to other hosts where you create/code your own website I was proud that I was able to figure it out (even if it was with the help of many tutorials).

The assignment that I am most proud of is my SoundCloud Intro. Even though I think it is super embarrassing I was proud of being able to step out of my comfort zone and do something different. I also learned that SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Flickr are real things… (literally I must just live under a rock lol). I learned that SoundCloud doesn’t have to just be you making music and I am excited to explore that media platform more because I think it has a lot to offer.

In addition, I like the way I am narrating my journey on this site. For example, in my blog post I created with my multi-modal introductions, I like how I created a narration of my introductions into one piece that flowed from one point to another.

If I were to do things differently, I think I would have created a longer YouTube video introducing myself. I am not sure how to edit videos, so I have been just taking a video all in one take and then using that. If I had more time I would look into how to edit videos so that I could do a bunch of clips that combine into one. But, I am planning on looking into that because I think it’s something I should know how to do.

Another thing I would have liked to have done is to try to find more time to explore other people’s websites and work. Everyone like me has been working on setting everything up so there hasn’t been as much time as I’m sure everyone would like to go and explore everything everyone has done. Hopefully, we will be able to look at these summaries though, and see what’s been happening.

Most likely a stupid question, but nonetheless a question that I had when doing the assignments was whether or not me using someone else’s beats for my intro on SoundCloud was illegal, even though I gave them credit in the video? I wasn’t sure because I know sometimes artists get called out for having the same beats/tune as another song that’s by another artist.

Another question I have about the class is if there’s a better way/recommended way to keep track of the comments we make on other people’s profile? I’ve had to go back and search for comments I have made so if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Warning: I have a long opinionated rant-tangent when talking about some of the larger issues surrounding my work…feel free to just read the first paragraph then continue on if you want or just scroll down to the last paragraph to see my long story short…

I am not sure if this would totally count as a larger issue surrounding my work, but a concern that I have when I think of the cultural/societal implications with my work is the perceptions and opinions that other people will have. Everyone can try their best to be culturally appropriate and inclusive, but sometimes people will post something that they think is fine but others find offensive, and then hell breaks loose.

I think about the impact my work will have on others and myself. As I said, people will have their own perceptions and opinions of your work and you online and there is little you can do to change that. I do not want “society” to define and label me/my work in a negative way and I also don’t want to define/label other people based on the work they are doing.

One of the things I don’t like about social media is how much hate and negativity it has. I think people (and I am included in my reference to “people”) in our society care too much about other people’s perceptions and can sometimes portray themselves in a certain way to be the “best version of themselves” for other people to see (i.e. the hundreds of pictures one takes on their phone just for that one “perfect” Insta photo).

Long story short…I don’t like a lot of the social media’s out there because I believe society places a lot of emphasis on them and what is “right” or “quality material” which impacts the way individuals live and interact with one another. So, one thing I will be keeping an eye on is to see the work I do and the implications it has (not only cultural and societal, but as well as personal implications it may bring).

Sorry for the ESSAY response I gave for my first mid-week summary…I just had so much I wanted to share!

I'm so sorry... - Meme on Imgur

…not really sorry though…

OKAY! I swear that’s it! Thanks if you’ve made it this far and read the entire thing…you’re a trooper!

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