Summary Week 2

In week two we dove into design. We were able to learn the basics of design and apply concepts of design to our work throughout the week. I started this week not knowing much about design and not fully understanding how important design really is. Within the first day, my opinion changed as I read lots of different material on design, and learned the importance of design and the concepts of design.

After having learned new things related to design I spent the week with my camera looking for things that described one of the design concepts we had learned about by completing a design blitz and then reflecting on it.

In addition, to doing the design blitz, we were tasked with completing 5 design assignments and two animated GIFS.

For the design assignments, I started the week off by doing the “Are We There Yet” assignment. It was probably the most challenging design assignment I had to do this week.

In my design assignments, I also created a missing person poster, made another guessing game out of icons for a movie, created a new logo for my brother’s soon to be company, and created an event poster!

The two animated GIFS I had lots of fun creating them and are probably my two favorite assignments I did all week because I find them funny and super relatable (although the logo was one I really liked too).

In addition to these things, we had to do 4 daily creates.

I finished the week off by reflecting on my week and was even able to check out a blog post or two and left some comments as well as participated in my own blog post with someone which was super exciting for me because that means that people actually are checking out my work!


This week I feel as though I completed the requirements to the best of my ability and went beyond what was required by engaging in my other classmate’s work. I had some trouble with figuring out GIMP but being able to look at people’s past work and how they used GIMP helped me figure out some of the basics. Also, watching Jess’s tutorial helped me learn some things that I was trying to do in my assignment that I couldn’t figure out but will be able to use in the future. The other thing that gave me “trouble” was the number of links there were. Even though it said there’s no expectation to look at every link, I just always feel the need to look at every link just in case one link has it all…which was very time consuming and took me 2 full days to do.

In contrast to my troubles though, I had so much enjoyment in doing the design assignments (specifically the logo one because it has meaning to me due to the fact that it’s for my brother) and the gifs because I love gifs and I really liked the gifs that I made.

I learned so much during this week on design. One of the biggest things I think I should take from this week is that less is more and design is practically everywhere. There are many components that go into a design and it is important for you to find the balance between all of the different design concepts that there are for your work to be appealing and connect to the audience you are trying to reach.

One thing I would do differently is maybe choose a better photo for my are we there yet assignment. The photo had meaning to me but was hard to crop onto an iceberg because none of us had legs so it made it look a little tacky and unrealistic in my opinion.

A question that I have is: Is there a way to embed comments we make on other’s people posts onto our own post? Would we just embed their entire blog post or just do what I did for this week and take a screenshot on my computer and paste it in?

Compared to last week my work doesn’t have as much cultural/societal implications because I tried to steer clear of some of that and make this week more light-hearted. One thing I can think of is some of my work this week had language (i.e. curse words) that may not be appropriate for younger kids. This could pose a potential problem if young people are on my site (I don’t suspect they are which is why I allowed myself to use that type of expressive language) and could also be a potential problem in the future if my employer didn’t think it was appropriate (even though I don’t think it is bad at all and would cause any issue).

And lastly, here is how I feel like my week has been:

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