Reflection on “My 15 Minutes of Mania” Photo Safari

For my Photo Safari I chose to do it in my shed. When I first saw the assignment I thought of doing it at the park that I go to but then was thinking how much stuff is really there? Parks aren’t necessarily bustling right now because of this pandemic. I continued to think of different places that I might be able to capture photos that have a lot of diversity in them and then it hit me! I should do my photo safari in the shed of my backyard that is super cluttered (because no one ever goes into it and my parents are just messy people). I thought that this would be the perfect place to do a photo safari because there is so much stuff and the possibilities are endless for creating and capturing ideas into a single photo.

The experience was fun and kept me on my toes thinking. Remembering some of the tips that I read about earlier in the week while I was doing the assignment definitely helped. I made sure to be picker and not just take lots of images of random things like I normally would, and I tried to change my point of view for the images I was taking. (Side note: the image I took from an ant’s point of view I liked how it turned out but did not like taking it in the moment because I got too close to the web and a spider crawled on me!). Like the video I watched on What is Visual Literacy, I followed the tips on “learning to look”. I took my time and paid attention to what was around me and then analyzed and interpreted what I saw. I then took what I believed described what I was to be taking a photograph of and got picky trying different angles until I found what I wanted and captured it.

The photos that worked best for me were the ones that I became inventive with. In particular, there were four images that I ended up with that were my favorites (three of them inventive, and one just in the moment).

I took my time with constructing these images and used random things I would consider “junk” just lying around in my shed to create my very own artistic masterpieces. The last image just happened to be in the moment when my neighbor’s cat came into my shed to explore around in the middle of my photo blitz.

If I had more time I would have liked to try and get the photos in that I wasn’t able to capture in the 15 minutes but overall I am pleased with the work I created and what I was able to do in the 15 minutes of mania.

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