Preparing for ‘The Journey’…

Here’s a blog from me talking about how I started the journey of Digital Storytelling this week! I wrote a brief reflection on how I set up my website and social media’s, how I went about customizing them, as well as created a semi-brief (10 min) video of how I went about it with some visuals. I’ll post the video below if you want to check it out as well as a link to the app that I used “Screen-o-matic” to record my video!

Starting this class I had no idea what to expect. I am not the most tech-savvy person so I knew that this journey would start off rocky. Without the help of the “Summer Midweek 1” guide:, I would have been so lost. Creating the Domain, installing WordPress, getting an avatar, and registering my blog wasn’t too hard to do because there were step-by-step instructions on how to do it. The hardest part was trying to come up with a domain name because I am not very creative. As I was creating my blog, I simultaneously was customizing it. This was not my intention, I just happened to do everything at the same time because I was so new to it I was just playing around with the different tools trying to figure out what each thing did.

One of the first things I did once I created my site was to explore the themes. I really liked the “Activello” theme so I used that one and just customized it. At first, I had a pink color but then decided to change it to something more neutral that would match my mountain picture. I was able to customize my website in a way that I was finally happy with by just messing around and trying new things seeing what they would look like until I was happy with the way it looked.

Navigating my way around WordPress was really stressful for me the first day. I was confused and kept on getting lost. On day 2 though, I learned that when I go to my website if I just click on my “Dashboard” I am better able to navigate my way around. I still am learning how to fully use WordPress but I know that with time it will get easier.

The hardest part for me when setting up my site was figuring out different pages, categories, and how to create a menu. Using was extremely helpful because it gave step by step instructions as well as pictures which is always a helpful tool for me when I am trying to do something that I haven’t done before and have little experience with.

In contrast, setting up my social media accounts was not hard. I already had YouTube and had uploaded a few videos before for a class that got moved online due to Covid-19 in the Spring. I use to have a Twitter so I was familiar with how that works but was a little rusty. Setting up Flickr, SoundCloud, and Vimeo (although I will most likely use YouTube for most of my videos) was interesting to me because I had never heard of any of them. I am still learning how to navigate my way around them and the biggest thing I learned is that you can post audio of you talking on SoundCloud and it doesn’t have to be you singing…something I learned only after posting a rap LOL.

As mentioned in the video, I used “screen-o-matic” to record my video. You can record up to 15 minute videos for free! I learned about it through one of my teacher’s at school when we moved online. It is really easy to use you can install it on your computer for free. Highly recommend trying it out!

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