Inspired by Jessica Probst: “Introduction-Trail Talk”

Hello! This is my first “Inspired Post” I am creating. I listened to Jessica’s “Introduction-Trail Talk” yesterday and really liked how when she was describing what she was seeing I could visualize what she was seeing in my own head. I could vividly picture the sun peeking through the green foliage of the trees creating these streams of sunlight, as well as the still pond with the algae on top that looked as though it was frozen. (Side note: If you haven’t checked out her audio on SoundCloud I recommend you do! I embedded it below).

Being able to picture myself where she was through her descriptions made me want to try and do it myself! I was first going to try and do it at the park where I workout describing what I see but a park lady came and kicked me and my friend Olivia off before we could do it…sigh…So instead, I tried to do it of people in my house. That turned out to be a complete fail because my siblings kept on interpreting my narration telling me how bad of a job I was doing…check out the clip below to see what I mean…

After realizing that what they were saying was true and that I am just terrible at describing what I see along with my lack of adjectives, I decided to try again with the help of my sister in describing a specific object that was in front of us.

I think it’d be cool if you listened to the track we created and while you are listening to draw a picture of what you visualize when my sister and I are talking to see how well we do at trying to describe what we see. All you need is paper and some colored pencils! I added the audio below and once you are done feel free to comment on here your photo of what you drew! I’d love to see what you came up with! (I’ll also add what we were describing at the end of this post for you to see how spot-on you were!)

Scroll down to see what we were describing!

Dory just keep scrolling - Meme on Imgur


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