Got Design?:A Reflection On My Journey Through Design

From the moment you wake up, to the press of a button to start the coffee machine, to all of the stop signs and pop up adds you get on your computer throughout the day, and much more…all of these things are created with a specific design tailored to do a specific job. Design is something that you can find anywhere and everywhere in this world, you just need to know where to look. But what even is design?

Design involves the planning of an object’s presentation so that it achieves its purpose. In digital storytelling, the design is a key element. Last week I realized that photography is genetic, and this week my epiphany was solidified when I listened to ” We Are All Artists”  by Tim Owens. Anyone can be an artist and the design you make/include in your work is a part of becoming a great artist. Design can include anything from color to metaphors & symbols, use of space, message, balance, unity, proportion, rhythm, etc. This week we were able to explore design through many different realms. 

Working on design this week was fun but definitely challenging. I never would have thought of a design needing to have as much thought as it does. I liked doing the design assignments and really liked being able to experiment with designs that I would have not thought of before. Learning about how different colors complement each other and how design is factored into practically everything was an eye-opener for me. Doing the DesignBlitz this week was a tad-bit challenging for me. I found myself overwhelmed at times with what I should capture to show a specific design concept. Often the pictures I took would have multiple design concepts in them and I would have to figure out what main design concept I was seeing or wanted the viewer to see. After this week I have come to learn and appreciate the value of design in all aspects. Creating a design is hard because there is so much you need to take into account and I will never take another design I see for granted. 

This week I found some strengths and of course some weaknesses. My strengths of the week included learning new tools like GIMP, GIPHY, and Logomakr and I also am super happy I learned how to create gifs. Even though they might not appeal to everyone I had a lot of fun making them and connected to them which I think is a big part of figuring out your digital identity and being able to express it through digital storytelling. My weakness this week was again my limited knowledge of the different technological tools i.e. GIMP. I made progress this week though! Last week I could not figure out how to do anything on GIMP but this week I was able to do the Are We There Yet assignment with it which is huge progress. The weakness was that I think my work is not as good as other people’s, and that I am doing exactly what Tim was mentioning in his talk. Sometimes people will compare themselves to others which I think to a degree is okay to do but at a certain point, I need to accept that I am not at the same level as other people and I should be proud of the work I made and not just critique it and critique myself. Fixing my weakness by stop overthinking and comparing my work to others will help me build up my self-confidence and in turn, will show through my work. People can tell when you are proud of your work and I can only get there by not comparing myself to everyone else AND by continuing to work on manipulating the tools and learning how they work. 

Throughout this week I have learned about design and how it applies to everything we see. Design is something that takes time and thought and has many different components to it. When creating something you need to make sure it appeals to the eye and there is not too much going on. Design involves the planning of an object’s presentation so that it achieves its purpose, and that purpose can be achieved in many ways through concepts like color, space, balance, contrast, etc. One thing I am going to keep in mind going forward from this design week is that sometimes less is more and any improvement should be seen as a success.

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