1980’S Radio Ad

Flashback to the 1980’s and the craze was all about getting into shape. Fast forward to the present and it’s still the craze (just minus the sweatbands and spandex). While looking into fitness products that have come on the market throughout history I recently came across an add for L.A. Gear Aerobic Fun Set. Take a listen:

As real as it sounds this is not actually an 80’s product radio add…whatttt…it’s actually just a radio ad I made for one of my audio assignments this week. The assignment was an 80’s Product Radio Commercial and you had to create a 30-45 second radio commercial for a product from the ’80s. It was worth 5 stars. I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun to do and I was right because I did have a lot of fun with it even though it’s a bit cheesy.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for my product but then after thinking through a couple of options, asking my parents for what was popular in the ’80s, doing some research and my sister (of course) saying “you should do a workout one!” I just decided to go with what she said.

I got the inspiration for my product when I saw this video when I was looking up commercials for workout products in the ’80s

I also went to GoRetro and read up on the 80s Fitness Craze where I got the name “Debbie Reynold’s” and the slogan “Do It Debbie’s Way”. Creating my radio ad wasn’t too bad. I’m hoping someone can share their tips with me because I know the steps I took there has to be an easier way to do it then how I did. But if you want to recreate your own the same was I did here’s how:

Creating Your Own Radio Ad:

Step 1: Think of the product you want to make your commercial about and write up a script:

If your littlest angel feels left out of the aerobic fun, put back that smile with L.A. Gear Aerobic Fun Set!  

Not only will your little one be able to join in on the fun but now so can your whole family! With just one purchase now you can get the family L.A. Gear Aerobic Family Fun Set for only $49.99

AND if you act now we’ll throw in Debbie Reynolds’ fitness video: “Do It Debbie’s Way.” FOR FREE

Call 1-888-L.A.-GEARS now to get your own and keep your whole family “Shaped Up”

Step 2: Go to Audacity and create a recording of the background music you want. Do this by clicking the red record button to start recording and the black square button to stop your recording

*I used my phone and played “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle (I did this to get a muffled sound & because it comes out better than when I try and record it from my computer)

Step 3: Create a new recording section by clicking: “transport” –> “recording” –> “record new track” OR by clicking Shift+R

Step 4: Add in the recording of your script by clicking the red record button to start recording and the black square button to stop your recording

Step 5: Use the “TimeShift” tool (looks like an arrow pointing in both directions) to click and drag the track you want to start at a specific time (make sure you click on “solo” so you only move that one track). Once you are done adjusting click the “I” selection tool

Step 6: Delete parts you do not want by using the “I” selection tool –> select and drag the portion you don’t want (it will become highlighted)–> hit the delete button on your computer

Step 7: To have parts of your sound fade in or out use the “I” selection tool –> select and drag the portion you want (it will become highlighted)–>Go to “Effects” –> “Fade in/Fade Out

Step 8: To change the Bass and Treble use the “I” selection tool –> select and drag the portion you want (it will become highlighted)–>Go to “Effects” –> “Bass and Treble” and use the mouse to change the levels to your desire

Step 9: Once you are all done press the green “play” button to listen to your sound and make sure it sounds the way you want it. 

Step 10: To save your sound click “file” –> “export” –> “export as MPJ

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  1. Jackie! I really like your idea for the 80s add! It definitely sounded like it would be from that time. I noticed that the music was a little bit gargly and seemed to mute the words? I’m not sure if that was intentional, but it sounded just like it came from an old TV. Good job!

    1. Hey! It was what I was aiming for and did it by “accident” when I couldn’t figure out how to record the video I wanted into audacity so I just put on my phone and held it up to my computer which gave me that sound. So it all worked out!

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